My problem with me is my problem with you.♥ (alkalinerinnie) wrote,
My problem with me is my problem with you.♥

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&If it feels like your heart's dried up, I can relate to that.

I have determined that I am incapable of normal, healthy, functional relationships with males. It's kind of ridiculous. There is a plethora of reasons, not the least of which being that I am a complete hypocrite. And I project. And create epic and ridiculous scenerios in my head. If someone really likes me, I find something wrong with them 99% of the time. I do things to push people away. And on the off-chance that the feeling is reciprocated on my end, I find ways to prove to myself that that person doesn't like me as much as I like them. And I become hypercritical and find examples of this. It's so childish. But that's just who I've become.
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